Variable Velocity Less Lethal Launcher

Executive Summary


Current less lethal launchers only shoot at one velocity. They are dangerous/deadly close range, ineffective long range, and are not lethal, should the need arise.


The Grimburg Variable Velocity Less Lethal Launcher. A mil-spec blunt impact projectile weapon capable of delivering the maximum safe impact to target, from zero to 300 feet (accurately, not saturation) capable of lethal force at close range when necessary. This is accomplished by using a laser / LIDAR range finder, an on-board micro controller (PLC), and our proprietary variable velocity pneumatic valve system. We have built a working launcher in 68 caliber. (Technical Readiness Level 4 - working in a laboratory environment).

We are currently working on a 22mm caliber verion, with zero lag time between consecutive shots at different ranges


Benefits include avoiding unintended injury, death and lawsuits, extending overall range, and adding lethal capability.