The HP68 Self Defense Projectile is a 68 caliber solid shaped projectile, for use in magazine fed paintball guns with rifled barrels.

Weight: 7.8 grams / 120 grains

0.684″ Caliber – For use with the Carmatech Engineering Nemesis rifled barrel or Lapco Paintball 5″ rifled barrel for the First Strike FSC 0.686″ bore. When used with the recommended barrel, this caliber is the most powerful and accurate.

Length: 0.678″

Material: Injection Molded, Copper / Nylon Composite

Muzzle Energy:
32.5 Joules 24 ft-lbs @ 300 Feet per second. (Shot from a First Strike T8.1 or FSC pistol, using a Carmatech Engineering Nemesis rifled barrel. 0.686” barrel bore.)

39 Joules 28.5 ft-lbs @ 330 Feet per second. Shot from a First Strike T8.1 or FSC pistol, using a barrel slightly larger than the projectile so it does NOT engage the rifling. For example, a 0.688 bore barrel.

1 5/8″ Penetration (42mm)

FBI spec 10% synthetic ballistic gelatin @72 degrees.

1-3” groups at 60 feet

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Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing

10 rounds: $30 ($3 ea.)
30 rounds: $75 ($2.5 ea.)
50 rounds: $100 ($2 ea.)

Dealer Pricing

500 rounds: $500.00 ($1 ea.)
1000 rounds: $750.00 ($.075 ea.)

Plus USPS Shipping costs
1000 projectiles weighs 17 lbs

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