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HP68 Grimburg Less Lethal Projectiles for Self Defense

HP68 VS 1/3rd Inch Plywood

2 Inches of Penetration

HP68 23ft Accuracy Test

HP68 vs Microwave

Peas Suck

Grimburg HP68 T9.1 over 400 FPS shoots thru Pig Skin
Peas Suck

Grimburg HP68 vs CHICKEN (Tiberius T8.1)

Grimburg HP68 Glass Breakers from 30 Yards
Grimburg 91 Auto | Full Auto Test
Grimburg HP68 | Milsig M17 | Full Auto | 330 FPS
25 Joules Full Auto with the ADN Splyse

46 Joules! – Grimburg Less Lethal 68 caliber projectiles

Ballistic Gelatin Penetration

Grimburg HP68 50 Joules – T8.1 Remote Line
46 Joules! – Grimburg Less Lethal 68 caliber projectiles
Less Lethal over 50 joules with the First Strike T8.1
Grimburg 91 Auto 3 Round Burst | First Strike T9.1
68 Caliber ABS Training Projectiles | 2.68 Grams | 29 Joules @ 485 FPS out of a stock First Strike FSC paintball gun.
774 FPS – Grimburg HP68 – First Strike T9.1

Shooting thru Pumpkin

Chi in Nature

Grimburg HP68 vs HAM Pork Shoulder with Bone (Tiberius T8.1 and FSC)
Grimburg HP68 Shooting OVER 60 Joules (400+ fps) with Tiberius T9.1 or FSC
Grimburg HP68 and First Strike T9.1 High Power 43 Joules
MILSIG HeatCore O-ring Upgrade on First Strike FSC Pistol – Higher Power?
FIRST STRIKE FSC Pistol High Power MUST HAVE Upgrades (with HP68)
Which Paintball Gun for Less Lethal? TRUTH is SIMPLE
First Strike FSC Less Lethal Tune Up High Power and Chrono
Firing FSC Pistol with HP68 on 2nd Day – Reliability Test
Riot Rubber Balls (3.9g) vs HP68 8g Projectiles – Which is Better
FSC Pistol with Nitrogen vs Co2 High Power Test (HP68 Ammo)
HP68 Shaped Projectile vs Super Hard Steel Can and Trap Box
Tippmann TCR and HP68 – Does it Suck?
Tiberius T8.1 16in Barrel and HP68 – More Powerful?
Next BEST 0.68 Shaped Projectiles – Grimburg HP68 Less Lethal – Review