• HP68 Glass Breaking

The HP68 (copper / nylon composite) 68 caliber shaped projectile carries the same muzzle energy as other glass breaking projectiles at DOUBLE the range.

The HP68 is bore matched to 0.686″ barrels. This allows you to take advantage of every last bit of power your launcher has to offer.

2X the range

25X more accurate

Designed to be fired from a Carmatech Engineering Nemesis rifled barrel, the HP68 is spin stabilized, making it 25 X more accurate than spherical projectiles. The rifling digs in and spins it up to 12K RPM!

The back half has a thick sidewall, which acts like a gyroscope, stabilizing the projectile’s attitude.

At 7.8 grams, and with a solid core, the HP68 is more aerodynamically stable than all other 68 caliber projectiles.

Range is a tactical advantage

The more distance between you and the target, the safer you are.

The heavier 7.8 gram HP68 retains muzzle energy and accurcay over a longer range. Fired at 300 FPS, after 90 feet it still has enough energy to break tempered auto glass, sliding glass doors, and third story bedroom windows.

That’s more energy than all other 68 caliber projectiles. Double glass breaker balls and nylon / PVC.

Energy @ 60FT
300 FPS at the muzzle

Grimburg HP68 | 15 Ft-Lbs | 20 Joules after 60 Ft
24 Ft-Lbs | 32.5 Joules at the muzzle
Aluminum | 9.95 Ft-Lbs | 13.49 Joules after 60 Ft
Steel Polymer | 9.15 Ft-Lbs | 12.41 Joules after 60 Ft
Glass Breaker Balls | 8.22 Ft-Lbs | 11.14 Joules after 60 Ft
Nylon / PVC Balls | 4.11 Ft-Lbs | 5.58 Joules after 60 Ft

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Shaped projectile

In and out of the barrel the HP68 is spin stabilized and gyroscopically balanced to stay on course.

areodynamic stability

The heavier 7.8 gram weight makes the HP68 less susceptible to cross winds and air turbulance.


DI LR Glass
Pepper Ball
Nylon / PVC

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