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Build for powerful concealed carry. 39 joules. 20 Oz, lights, lasers, and a red dot slide cut.


A 6 Gram kinetic round with the most potent irritant combo ever devised! 10% CS + 2% OC

HOLSTERS from $79

Work & live in comfort. Vacuum formed kydex holsters made in-house.

Grimburg Less Lethal designs and manufactures launchers and projectiles that minimize the risk of causing severe injury or death. These Less lethal alternatives provide a means of force that can incapacitate or deter potential threats without resorting to lethal force.

Live your tactical life

Wherever you live or work

Carry the most powerful, concealable less lethal launcher pistol.

We are THE Solution for those who want to live a firearm and fitness lifestyle, but for whom firearms are not an option because of their location, politics, or employment.

We’ve created an alternative firearm experience that’s acceptable in an urban environment, including launchers, magazines, projectiles, holsters and a whole line of accessories.

Regain your tactical persona

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