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Grimburg HP68

Self Defense Rounds

For Magazine Fed Paintball Guns
68 Caliber | 7.8 GRAMS

Pat. Pend. #63009015

Accurate Powerful Unparalleled


More Powerful

5 times more powerful than plastic projectiles and 40% more powerful than glass breaker balls. 7.8 Grams @ 300 FPS | 32.5 Joules | 24 Ft-Lbs


More Accurate

Grimburg HP68 projectiles are heavier and more accurate than spherical projectiles. Remove even thick tempered auto glass at a safer distance.
  • 66%

More Affordable

Save 66% on training projectiles. Replace more expensive less lethal projectiles for use in training.

what is less lethal

Less lethal launchers are designed to cause pain, but not to kill or cause serious bodily injury. They fire a blunt force round using gas, compressed air, or gunpowder. Once deployed, the round is designed to deliver kinetic energy to the target area.

The desired effect is one where the suspect either becomes incapacitated or, gives up shortly thereafter because they don’t want to get hit again. Multiple-shot version are favored, as follow-up shots are easier to make.

Munitions deployed from these less lethal weapons may injure a person and have caused deaths both in the US and Internationally.

Muzzle Energy

Using standard paintball guns fired at 300 feet per second, ballistic tests show 32.5 joules (24 Ft-Lbs) of muzzle energy and 1 5/8 inches (42mm) of penetration in FBI Spec ballistic gelatin. Shot from a First Strike FSC pistol, using a Carmatech Engineering Nemesis rifled barrel. 0.686” barrel bore.

Force Profile

Weight: 7.8 Grams | 120 Grains

0 FT

30 FT

60 FT

90 FT

300 fps

270 fps

240 fps

210 fps

32.5 Joules

26 joules

20 joules

15.5 joules

24 ft-lbs

19 ft-lbs

15 ft-lbs

11.4 ft-lbs


The Grimburg HP68 is meant to be fired from a rifled barrel. Spin stabilized projectiles are many times more accurate than spherical projectiles. Spin stabilization takes place inside the barrel while in contact with the barrel rifling.

Cost Comparason

Grimburg HP68 $1 – $2
FN 303 $3.00
Glass Breaker Balls $4.00

Projectile Features

Front Seal

Rear Seal

Angled Divots

Rotating Mass

HP68 vs the competition

More powerful, more affordable, more accurate. Can be fired from any 68 caliber, magazine fed less lethal launcher, or standard paintball gun.
HP68 Benefits
MB68P / Bull Breaker / Nylon Balls
Accuracy, Muzzle Energy, Price
FN Herstal – FN 303
Available to the public, Price
Rap4 Training Solid
Muzzle energy, FN 303 Training
Steel Gorilla Rounds
Range, Price
  • First Strike FSC

  • Milsig (multiple)

  • First Strike T8.1

  • Tippmann TCR

  • First Strike T9.1

  • First Strike T15

  • Tippmann TiPX

  • Dye Dam


The Grimburg HP68 can be fired from any 68 caliber, magazine fed less lethal launcher, or standard paintball marker that’s compatible with D shaped projectiles (like First Strike paintballs).

  • I’m getting 1-2 inch grouping using a T9.1 with a 14″ Lapco Str8 Shot Barrel at 20 feet. Amazing!

    Thanks for your help! – Bob

  • You guys are awesome! Best rounds on earth. Mind blown.

    Steven P

  • Best self defense projectiles ever. Extremely powerful and highly accurate. Use plastic for training, HP68 for the real thing.

    Chi in Nature

  • Shooting the HP68 at 57 joules, 400+ fps with my T9.1. Unbelievable!!!

    Felix V

  • They’re perfect for my needs and work very effectively! This is a great product, I wish you success, cheers guys!!

    Kind regards, Ian

  • The rounds looks fantastic! Exceeded my expectations. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Turned the reg up and got 330s. And those bags are nice!!

    Anhduy N

  • We tested them earlier this week and were quite impressed. I would be very interested in carrying the product.

    Lars H

  • The HP68 is really excellent and without alternatives. Keep up the good work!

    M. Fink

  • I got to shoot these and they are so much fun. They work excellent, smashing thru an old stereo I had.

    Thanks again, Ben

  • Love your product keep up the good work!


  • Words can’t express how impressed I am. Very interested in your product and the commitment you show. Thanks for your great customer service.


  • Thank you very much for the nice rounds, they’re awesome!

    Cheers, Oliver L

  • Thanks for your product. Such a smart idea. Exactly what I needed.

    Best regards, Thane K

  • Thanks again for your great customer support.

    Best regards, Jochen

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