Grimburg KinetiCS 6 Gram CS + OC Irritant Projectiles 68 Caliber

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10% CS + 2% OC | 6 Grams !!!
7 Round Tubes or 25 Round Jars

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The Most Potent Irritant Ball on the Market + Kinetic Power

10% CS + 2% OC !!! Our *NEW* KinetiCS projectiles are absolutely insane. They’re a game changer. The power of a 6 gram kinetic projectile PLUS, the most potent combination of irritants available. Made with a thicker plastic shell, these projectiles can withstand the firing force of high powered launchers (44 joules), and can be stored in a magazine indefinitely. The extra mass makes them fly farther and more accurately. Made by Duke Defense for Grimburg Less Lethal.


Note: KinetiCS rounds can not be shipped to to members of the public in New York New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Canada.

May be lethal. Use at your own risk. Not for field use or playing paintball. Testing on people or animals may result in serious injury, and possibly death. Not for novice use. We quality control our projectiles. No refunds or returns on projectiles.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 in

7 Rounds, 25 Rounds