Grimburg JUL – 68 Caliber Self Defense 8 Gram Less Lethal

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8 Grams, Copper / Nylon Composite.

More consistent weight and diameter, more spherical, shinier, better looking, and with a reduced seam.

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The JUL v2 is a 8 gram round ball projectile made from copper infused nylon.

It is bore matched to 0.686″ bore barrels for power.

Heavier than Bulls Breaker Balls, Glass Breakers, Skull Breakers.

Works well in the TiPX, Salt Co, Byrna HD, and paintball guns with hoppers, as well as all magazine fed paintball guns and less lethal launchers.

For markers and less lethal launchers which are not First Strike compatible. Works in all rifled and smooth bore barrels with a bore of at least 0.686″.

Muzzle Energy:

Shot from a First Strike FSC pistol:

  • Up to 39 Joules / 28.5 ft-lbs @ 330 Feet per second. Using a LAPCO 5″ Rifled barrel 0.686″ bore or equivalent barrel.
  • Recommended 28 to 32 Joules when powered by 8 or 12 gram co2 cylinders.

Bore matching and tight tolerances are important. If the projectile is too loose in the barrel you get “blow by”, and loose power. If the projectile is too tight in the barrel they get stuck. A tight bore match to a 0.686″ barrel insures consistent high performance.

For law enforcement / military training, glass breaking, home and self defense. 100% Made in the USA.

May be lethal. Use at your own risk. Not for field use or playing paintball. Hard round does not deform on impact. Extreme ricochet hazard. Testing on people or animals will absolutely result in serious injury, and possibly death. Not for novice use. Please expect to maintain your launcher, and make adjustments to solve small issues. We test every launcher and magazine before shipping. We quality control our projectiles. We will fix major issues not caused by abuse. No refunds or returns on launchers or projectiles.

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