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  • less lethal projectiles for self defense

    HP68 | Accurate | Powerful | Unparalleled


The heaviest projectile available for civilian use.

68 caliber
7.8 grams | 124 grains
24.79 Ft-Lbs / 33.61 Joules @ 300FPS

The HP68 can be fired from any 68 caliber, magazine fed less lethal launcher, or standard paintball gun. For use with rifled and smooth bore barrels.


Fired at 300 feet per second, ballistic tests show 33.61 joules (24.79 Ft-Lbs) of muzzle energy and 1 5/8 inches (42mm) of penetration in FBI Spec ballistic gelatin. Shot from a First Strike FSC paintball pistol, using a rifled barrel. 0.686” barrel bore.

Force Profile | energy

7.8 Grams | 124 Grains

0 FT

30 FT

60 FT

90 FT

300 fps

296 fps

292 fps

288 fps

33.61 Joules

32.72 joules

31.84 joules

30.97 joules

24.79 ft-lbs

24.13 ft-lbs

23.48 ft-lbs

22.84 ft-lbs


As a spin stabilized shaped projectile, the HP68 is 25 times more accurate than spherical projectiles.

In addition, at 7.8 grams, it is more areodynamically stable than lighter 1.5 to 6 gram projectiles. The heaver weight makes it less succeptable to aerodynamic turbulance and cross winds.


More Accurate

Can paintball guns be Lethal? YES

First lets be completely clear. Without weighing local laws or personal convictions, a traditional firearm is the most effective choice for self defense.

However, there are many reasons people choose less lethal.

  • Some have a moral objection to lethal force.
  • Some do not want the responsibility of a firearm.
  • Some governments or municipalities forbid or restrict firearms.
  • Some people are not permitted to own a firearm for reasons, which can include age, past transgressions, or failing a concealed carry proficency test.
  • Some situations do not require 100% lethal force.
  • No paperwork, waiting, or approval needed.

The case for less lethal

less lethal is rarely fatal

According to the US Department of Justice 98% of less lethal deployments do not result in fatalaties. Unintended deaths are usually the result of larger 40mm projectile hits, hits at extremely close range, or hits to sensitive areas of the body, such as the head, neck, or ribs directly over the heart.

93% success rate

According to the US Department of Justice, 93 percent of the reported incidents involving impact munitions were resolved without officers having to fire their guns, even against armed individuals. And 98% of incidents were resolved with 10 or fewer rounds fired.

Reduce your liability

FBI statistics show the percent of justifiable homicides range between about 1.5 and 3 percent annually. Those who claim self defense and end up in court have a 97% chance of conviction.


21 foot rule

If a subject is within 21 feet of an officer with a weapon, studies show that the officer can be reached and harmed before the officer can draw and fire a weapon.

Why is this important? Depending on your launcher, Grimburg projectiles can reach up to 165 feet. However, at greater that 21 feet, you’ll have a hard time convincing a jury your life was endanger. We discourage the use of HP85 projectiles unless you feel your life is in immediate danger.

Disparity of force

When one individual is unable to provide the same amount of force as the opponent due to physical capability, weapon, age, or gender. Examples: Multiple people against a single defender. Large man vs small woman. Young vs Old. Strong vs weak.

Why is this important? If the disparity of force is equal or greater, in your favor, adding a less lethal launcher greatly increases the disparity of force, and your chance of conviction.


We’re not lawyers offering legal advise. Every situation is different. You have to know your own neighborhoods, capabilities, convictions, and the level of responsibility you’re willing to accept.

However… if it can inferred that someone who chooses to employ less lethal has a 93% chance their opponent will stand down, and there’s only a 2% chance of lethal injury, considering the 97% chance of going to prison for homicide, we feel less lethal deserves serious consideration.

HP68 projectiles can be lethal. Do not use them unless you are within your legal right to do so. Know your local laws.

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