Grimburg FSC Pistol


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Defend yourself without firearms. Carry concealed or on the road.

The base package comes with all the items listed below. This is our recommended minimum package. We install all parts and test it fully before shipping.

First Strike FSC Paintball Gun
The most powerful and most compact paintball gun currently in production.
(Same as Pepperball TCP)

LAPCO 0.686 5″ Rifled Barrel
This rifled barrel increases accuracy and power. It is bore matched with the Grimburg HP68 Projectile (0.684).

First Strike T8.1 Magazine and Instinct Industries Magazine Slip Cover
This 8 round magazine is from the FSC’s predecessors. It allows you to use 12 gram Co2 cylinders, instead of the stock 8 gram cylinder. This results in a higher sustained power across all 8 shots per magazine. 24.4 Joules / 18 Ft-Lbs. Note, up to 330 FPS is possible for the first few shots. 39 Joules / 29 Ft-Lbs.

Milsig HEAT CORE Valve Stem O-Rings
Stronger than stock O-Rings. Allows you to turn the power up. Pack of 3.

Hogue Grip Sleeve

Silicone Lube and Oil

Included Service

We install the barrel, o’ring, extended magazine and slip cover, and the Hogue grip sleeve. We oil the o’ring with Milsig SOS oil. We lube the bolt and magazine ball lock with Dye Slick Lube Advanced. We oil the magazine guide shaft with G96 synthetic firearm oil, so it slides easily, and even smells good!

Don’t forget Projectiles!

Not for novice use. Please expect to maintain your launcher, and make adjustments to solve small issues. We test every launcher and magazine before shipping. We quality control our projectiles. We will fix major issues not caused by abuse. No refunds or returns on launchers or projectiles.

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in