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Invest with Grimburg

We aim to secure $30,000 in funding by offering a 1% equity stake in our limited liability company (LLC) to our valued customers. The minimum investment required to participate in this opportunity is $3,000.

1/10 %

Yes, you can buy it right here! Just a few spots left.


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why invest ?

You already know why to invest.

Our current investors have consistently been our customers, individuals who are intimately familiar with our company and its operations. Over the years, you have closely tracked our journey, fully understanding the inherent value we offer. There is no need to elaborate on how, with the right resources, we can propel our company’s value even further. We are the driving force behind this endeavor.

Use of Funds

Our CNC mill is currently operational. The installation of our CNC lathe is scheduled for the second week of January. Furthermore, we anticipate the delivery of a micro injection molding machine by the end of January.

We have financed all of this equipment however, there are things we need to afford that can’t be financed. Tooling, programming, transportation of equipment, and a stockpile of raw materials to start us off. We can get there with the sale of 1%.

We have consistently operated in a pre-order mode, a strategy necessitated by our ongoing demand. Despite limited advertising efforts, we have faced challenges in maintaining a timely supply of our products. To foster company growth, it is imperative that we enhance our manufacturing capacity and take greater control of our production processes.

Upon completing the addition of manufacturing operations in-house, we will streamline our product offerings to align with our internal manufacturing capabilities. We intend to sustain advertising efforts through Google, billboards, and collaborations with YouTube influencers. This strategic approach will result in a more stable and self-sufficient business model.

What You Will Receive

Upon your contribution, you will receive an invitation to electronically sign a note representing your percentage of the company, facilitated through Docusign. Following your signature, the document will be accessible for download. Your name will be included in our annual operating agreement filed with the state of Maine, or in case of significant company changes.

Your name or initials on our Wall of Supporters page. 

Exponential Growth in 2024

As the 2024 elections approach, and in light of a possible situation in Taiwan impacting shipping, and an actual situation in Israel impacting shipping, we anticipate potential supply constraints. Similar to the situation in 2020, there may be heightened demand, leading to the sale of our entire production output.

In the last two years, we’ve made significant efforts to localize our supply chain, aiming to keep it as close to our operations as possible. Even our raw plastic material is now produced within a one-hour drive from our facility.

Through this strategy, we seek to address the rising demand resulting from global instability and political disruptions in 2024, while minimizing adverse effects on our production processes.


  • Solstice first purchase opportunity
  • Early news on products
  • Quarterly insight on company strategy
  • 500 HP68 – never to be produced again


  • No voting obligations
  • No signing obligations
  • Your responsibility would only entail Federal tax if a payout were to be made.

ROI Strategies

  • Dividends

    Our strategic vision does NOT encompass overseeing a company with a 50 person workforce. Once we achieve a stable product line, enhance our manufacturing capabilities, and recruit a few more key personell, our primary focus will shift to corporate management. In this phase, it becomes prudent to allocate financial returns to our shareholders in the form of dividends.
  • Divestiture

    Selling our technology to another less lethal company or a firearm manufacturer. For example Umarex. (We recently declined their offer BTW) Companies such as Axon / Taser have also expressed interest in the past.
  • Exit

    Sale of the Company. Proceeds will be issued commensurate with your ownership percentage. Yeah, we really don’t want to do this but if we do, we’ll be back in an adjacent market asap.

We are confident the appropriate route will present itself in due course.

Company Value

In 2023 in the defense industry, Enterprise Value equals EBITDA multiplied by 14.59.


In 2023, independent advisors from the Maine Technology Institute and the State of Maine confirmed our company’s enterprise value at approximately $5M+.

That means, 1% of the LLC is worth $50k.

Our strategic goal is to achieve a $10M+ valuation by 2026.

In 2024, the EV x EBITDA industry multiple now stands at 18.49X.

If we maintain or improve our performance, our current valuation is already at $7.4M.

This is quite different from the valuation of a restaurant or convenience store, 2-3x yearly sales. The valuation multiple is so high because companies bought by global defense contractors are launched to success by huge investments and the introduction to pre-existing sales networks.

Despite the higher valuation we’re offering 1% of our LLC at $30k to encourage new members.

Annual Revenue

2021: $560k
2022: $715k
2023: $727k

With the recession, felt between Oct 22 to present, we expected to have a $500k year. With the release in the Gavle v1.5 in October, our sales skyrocketed, enough to break $727k by year’s end.

The Team

Grimburg Staff

Kurt Boeker – Founder
Ryan Perro – Engineering / Machining
Steve Gasper – Cerakote / Assembly
Tim Akers – Holsters / Assembly


Patrick Jansen
Scott Allen


Maine Technology Institute
Paradise Machine
Form Tech tool & Mold
Viridian Weapontech

In Conclusion

If you’ve enjoyed the ride so far, and are looking for an alternate form of investment, please consider supporting Grimburg in their mission, building powerful, less lethal launchers, prioritizing reliability and quality for those who may not have another option for self-defense.

We’re looking to get these funds in place by the end of January 2024.

Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, 40+ page business plan, and financials are available upon request.

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