Grimburg FSC / Pepperball TCP / VKS Barrels

from $108.00

Matched to our JUL projectiles these 0.686″ smoothbore barrels get ridiculous levels of power out of your launcher.

These two o’rings fit under your barrel nut, to steady the barrel. Only needed for the 8″ barrel if you’re using it in the Pepperball VKS. Not needed for the 5″ barrel.


NEW Grimburg FSC & VKS Barrels. Burnished Smooth Bore & Hardcoat Black Anodized. Shipping Now.

Two lengths available.

  • 5″ for the First Strike FSC and Pepperball TCP (True 0.686″) Up to 42 Joules!
  • 8″ for the First Strike FSC, Pepperball TCP, and Pepperball VKS. (0.686″ +/- 0.001) Up to 50 Joules with the FSC. Up to 60j with the VKS

At 6 ft range, powered only by a 12g co2 and using our JUL projectiles, 5 shots penetrated FBI spec synthetic ballistic gelatin from between 1 to 2 inches! Numbers on the more compact 5″ are coming soon and they’re just as impressive.

The breech is filleted (rounded) at the entry to eliminate jams, and the inside is polished to a smooth finish.

Note these barrels are made for our JUL projectiles and do not fit the HP68.

The next run of 8″ barrels (September 2021) will fit the Pepperball VKS! Meaning, if you purchase it now, it will be compatible.

Note: Numbers above are for 12g magazines unless noted.

IMPORTANT!!! – These barrels are now installed by sliding directly into the gun body. They’re held in place by a 120k tensile strength screw. We include two different lengths in case you are using a compensator.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in

5 Inch, 5 Inch Blemished, 8 Inch, 8 Inch Blemished NOT FOR VKS, 5 Inch Silver, 8 Inch Silver