Sabre SL7 Pistol Package


This will never be sold again.

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This will never be sold again. This less lethal pistol package includes a Black Sabre SL7 (Same as the former Mission TPR), 50 of our 8 gram JUL projectiles, and our Grimburg A5 barrel. The barrel is bore matched to the projectiles for maximum power. The velocity adjustment valve has been removed by the factory. We open up the launcher and tune it to 365 to 375 FPS, 50 to 52 joules! Will work with Mission, Pepperball, Byrna HD, Salt Co, OC, CS balls, and other 68 caliber spherical projectiles. 7 round magazine included. 12g Co2 cylinder punctures on the first trigger pull. Will not work with HP68 projectiles (unless you install the Tipx long range conversion kit). Powder projectiles require the velocity to be turned down before use. Color: BLACK

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Weight 76 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

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