Grimburg FSC TCP 12 Gram Co2 – 6 Round Magazine Kit


FSC 6 Round Magazine

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Since First Strike has discontinued their T8.1 magazines, we came up with a 3D printed solution for using 12 gram Co2 cylinders in the FSC pistol.

It is 3D printed but, we increased the amount of material over the ball lock so it won’t break!

It is both shorter, and lighter than the legacy T8.1 magazine.

FSC 12 Gram, 6 round magazine for use with our JUL projectiles. Takes 12 gram co2 cartridges.

Please see the product image. The magazine and all parts to the right of it come with the kit. You need a donor magazine to complete the kit. You’ll need the puncture valve, the main magazine spring, some of the screws, the bottom plate, and thumb screw.

Made in Maine, and built one at a time, manually.

With our 5″ FSC barrel you’ll get up to 42 Joules with this compact set up.

Important!: To use this magazine you must upgrade the stock air chamber oring to this part, click here.

Fits in our double magazine pouch.

Note, this is based on a stock First Strike FSC magazine and will not fit Pepperball VKS projectiles.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Tan